With the dominance of the job boards starting to diminish and social media on the ascendance, it’s never been more vital to find a way to keep your internal CV database up-to-date. This is illustrated below, showing the changing trends in candidate sourcing.

Trend in candidate sourcing for recruiters - social media, job boards, cv libraries, cv databases

Candidate CV Exchange

iProfile’s CV Exchange helps you to manage the ever increasing volume of candidate applications and significantly reduce the degree of stale, out-of-date data that renders a large proportion of your CV database, unusable.

iProfile and recruitment agency comparison - CV database

Our network of 2,000 recruiters and 6.25 million CVs, receives over 250,000 updates per month. Our technology ensures that you automatically receive the most recent CV available for your candidates, 24/7. The CV Exchange constantly searches the network for more up-to-date CVs for your candidates and will update your database accordingly.

This way, we can convert your aging database into a valuable source of candidate information.

Recruiter Portal

The iProfile recruiter portal provides our recruiters with a simple yet powerful, web-based interface to search their database, tag, shortlist and contact suitable candidates. However, if recruiters want to continue searching for candidates in their usual way, we can seamlessly integrate our CV Exchange with a host of CRM providers.

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