CV Cleansing, like painting the Forth Road Bridge?

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It’s commonly accepted that up-to-date CV data is to recruiters what a sharp saw is to a carpenter – a fundamental requirement to do the job!  There are currently around 150 million CV’s stored on databases of recruitment companies in the UK, that’s five for every worker! Obviously there’s massive duplication but that aside, estimates indicate that less than 3% have been updated within 6 months. That amounts to a huge mass of out of date information.

Finding a practical method of keeping CV’s up to date is the recruiters Holy Grail – and equally as elusive.  The process usually involves contacting each candidate and large amounts of manual data sifting which is often outsourced.  Either way, it’s generally a costly and slow exercise and a bit like painting the Forth Road Bridge – once you get to the end you have to start again! It’s for this reason that most recruiters don’t do anything and their CV data simply grows old and becomes redundant.

One perhaps more practical solution is iProfile. iProfile are CV data cleansing experts and they offer a cost effective solution that meets the challenge head on.  They cross matches your CV database with their dynamic Recruiters CV Exchange of over 7million candidate records on a continual 24/7 basis. Their technology searches out the most up to date information for every candidate whose CV you hold and automatically updates your candidate record. The iProfile Recruiters CV Exchange is currently accessed by more than 2,000 recruiters and collects over 300,000 updates every month. On average, recruiters get 10 updates for every one update that they contribute to the exchange.

The whole thing is completely automated and it all happens by consultants simply doing their job.

The net result is a continually maintained CV database providing a rich source of current candidate data. This, in turn, leads to an increase in the confidence that you can find the right candidate from within your own data pool and reduce the need to advertise vacancies.

iProfile have a catalogue of good case studies and they’ve helped many recruitment companies, big and small, increase their placements without increasing advertising spend.

Russell Jaques of Additional Resources recently commented “We had a CV database of 190,000 that was badly out of date. Adopting iProfile enabled us to resurface about 90,000 candidates from our database as a result of which we’ve seen our ad spend drop by nearly 50%. Our consultants love iProfile! Great product!”

Booking a no obligation online demonstration with iProfile is free, and you could find out how a more up to date database can save you money, and still make it easier to place a candidate.

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