iProfile Announces Growth In First Quarter

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Buoyed by Better Than Expected Results, iProfile Eyes Growth in Other Sectors

Many in the recruitment sector have been waiting with interest to get some indication of iProfile’s prospects, following their acquisition from Skills Market Ltd earlier this year.

Initial results, published this week have shown iProfile to be far more resilient than expected, with a raft of new signings, including Sterria, FDM, Optimum IT and Osirian. These results, together with the retention of 85% of pre-existing contracts, has shown iProfile to be very much alive and kicking, and quickly gathering momentum.

Mark Callahan, managing director of iProfile says, “Since acquiring iProfile our focus has been on establishing a firm foundation from which we can grow, and reviewing how best to develop our software to increase the benefits to our customers. This is underlined by our most recent release due this month. We are also looking to increase penetration in the sectors we supply, starting with finance and banking. We a have number of current customers who are keen to work with us to expand the use of iProfile into this sector. The iProfile concept of recruiters benefiting by sharing data will work in any sector. It’s simply a question of demonstrating that we have a sufficient volume of candidates”.

iProfile are currently in talks with several leading financial recruiters to grow their database of 5 million CVs. Asking Mark if he has just set his sights on the finance sector he commented, “Not at all, we won’t stop here. We’re already looking into engineering, healthcare and pharmaceutical recruitment. As far as we are concerned, no sector should be off limits”.

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